History of Thai Food

One of the most famous world cuisines is Thai food. You can get the food in different tastes depending on your preferences. It can be made sweet, sour, salty or in any other form of flavor. Probably you are wondering where it originated and why it should be this popular. Here is the answer.

In the past aquatic animals and plants made the better part of ingredients in making different foods. People avoided large quantities of meat in their dishes. Traditionally, the Thai food cookery involved baking, grilling and stewing. The Chinese inhibited the place that is today known as Thailand.

In the 1600s Thai food was based on ingredients like shrimp paste and fish as well as herbs. Chili made the food to gain a unique identity. Without it, it is not possible for the food to be referred to like Thai food. in the 17th century, the Thai food cuisine came to South America as a result of the Portuguese missionaries who worked in both Thailand and South America.

Today, Thai food having reached nearly the whole world, different cooking techniques and ingredients have been incorporated in Burma, Lao, Vietnam and the West. This has led to varying tastes of the food and so getting the original taste may not be possible. If anything, even in Thailand it is difficult to get the unique taste. What is left for the whole world to enjoy is the name? Well, whatever is being prepared in the name of Thai food is delicious on its own although it is not the original.

It is the popularity of the Thai food that has made Thailand one of the tourist destinations. This is because of the charming restaurants which supply such food. When you happen to go to any restaurant in the world today and you are confused about what to take, merely order for Thai food. It will come with different tastes, but their natural ingredient makes it one of the best dishes in the world. For ideas on where almond flour breakfast recipes originated, check our upcoming article!

History of Thai Food

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